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Friday, 7 April 2017

Lobel Solar AC Distribution Box (ACDB) & DC Distribution Box (DCDB)

Lobel Manufacturer and supply of AC Distribution Box & DC Distribution Boxes are an important part of solar PV system to provide and maintain the system to manage an electrical supply to different areas as per the requirement.

The main purpose of the ACDB is to eliminate the operation of the load at the immediate PCU O/P end and also provide flexible operation of different loads like street lights, general home or office lights and option loads that optionally operated (ON/Off). The ACDB box is made of epoxy powder coated metal casting. Three feeders are provided in ACDB with MCB of required capacity installed at each feeder in the ACDB. 

Lobel DC Distribution Box is used to provide flexibility for the operator of the solar power plant to disconnect and connect both the inward solar supply and battery terminals. Here an MCCB and a fuse of proper rating depending upon the capacity of the power plant and the battery bank are used. In the DCDB we have two sections one is the solar section and the order is the battery section.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Solar Panel Cleaning Technology for higher efficiency

Application for Manufacturers, Installers, EPC Companies, Operations and Maintenance Team, End Users.

Applying Solar Glass cleaning chemical is Very Easy Process.

Pre Cleaning Process :

  • IPA ( Iso Propyl Alcohol).
  • Synthetic cloth for Wiping.

Wait for  40 Minutes after Applying Solar Glass chemical  Final  Cleaning 
Micro Fiber cloth for Wiping Excess Solution

Application of Solution - Glass chemical Solar in Spray Bottle.


This is Well Designed and Super-Hydrophobic Solution for Solar Industry.We  have improvised our Product for Solar Panel Glass Application, Considering Various Environmental issues in India, Like Bird Shits,Sand Abrasion, etc. and Addition of Some Polymers for Longer effect.Packing Qty : 1 Ltrs / 5 Ltrs.

Product feature: 

• Strong Hydrophobic (water pearls off washing away contaminants) • Strong non-stick properties (prevents the build up of dirt, dust algae etc) • Easy to clean effect / self-cleaning effect as water rolls of the surface • Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100 - 150 nm) • UV-stable, very resistant to abrasion, stable at varying temperatures • Simple application; cures at atmospheric temperature • Biologically safe and Ecologically beneficial • Effective in salty environments  (Coastal Region/ Near Sea Shore / Places with High Salt Content in Water)

Consumption & Durability :

• Spray application: 11-12 ml/m² 
• Expected Durability Period 2-3 Years.• After One  or Two Year Refresher Coating is required.

Note : 

Durability period also depends on Environment around Solar Panels.  Still Works well in Worst Conditions for at least One Year.

Advantages :

Cleaning Cycles  -  Drops to Half  and Cleaning Time Reduced by  75 %. (This is Comparison with Cycle  Expected Saving in Cleaning Cost to  50 % 

Permanence and longevity - The UV-stability enables  functionality for an extended period of time. The coating is not damaged slowly by sunlight and is abrasion resistant. 

Easy-to-clean effect - Hydrophobic qualities create an anti-soiling effect, reducing solar panel contamination, maintenance cycles and water consumption saving energy, time and cost while also eliminating the need for chemical detergents and cleaners making for a more Eco Friendly Environment.

Improves Solar Panel efficiency - creates maximum light transmittance, allowing panels to work at quoted performance levels and improve efficiency and return on investment.(Our Trials at Few Sites Shown 5 to 7 % Rise in Generation compared to previous generation of same plant.) 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tax & Other Benefits for the Investors in Lobel Solar Power Plant

  • ·       Section 32 of IT act provides Accelerated Depreciation of 80 % of the invested capital to professionals companies with tax liability

Lobel Investors can set off their tax liability on the taxable income to the tune of 80% in the 1st year, and subsequently 20% in the 2nd year

  • ·       Section 80-IA (sub section 4) of income tax Act, 1961 allows 100% tax waiver on the income generated for any single 10 year period during first 15 years of operational life of a power generation project.

This is valid for projects commissioned till 31st March 2014

  • ·        Generation based incentives given by the government - Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) allows investors to gain a yield in the form of incentive currently being traded at average price of Rs 3.5 per unit of electricity generated by the solar power plant

  • ·       Third Party PPAs with reputed business houses and large industrial groups (which will be organized by Sai Saburi) allows per unit electricity to be sold at approximately Rs 6/KwH

  • ·       REC + PPAs results in per unit electricity selling rate of approximately Rs 9.5 per unit

  • ·       Lobel solar power plant (1MW) generation of 16,00,000 units in 1 year, revenue generation in 1 year will be around Rs 150 Lacs

  • ·        So, Break Even Point (BEP) of Lobel Investor is around 4 years, after which a long & stable income stream is established as solar power plants are deemed FIT & operational for a period of 25 years Solar plants can be commissioned by us in our

  • ·       Solar Park within a time frame of 3-6 months

  • ·        Registration with the Ministry of Environment & Forests allows participation in “Certified Emission Reduction” (CER) Credits in the international market (Carbon Credit)

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Solar No Volt Relay (NVR) - 2nd line protection

Revision 1.0

Product Overview (PO)

Lobel Solar System, Vadodara

Revision history


Description/Change summary





Initial Version

Lobel Solar

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Issue date

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Lobel Solar Power System

1.  Advance Features of No-Volt Relay.

1.1   Protections

-       Over Voltage

-       Under Voltage

-       Single Phasing

-       Phase-Reversal

-       Voltage Monitoring (R-Y-B)

1.2 LED Display Parameter

-       Phase Indication (LEDs)

-       Output on Indication (LED)

-       Voltage Display (R-Y-B) (Cyclic)

-       Fault Display

-       System Status ON/OFF (Cyclic)

1.3 Other Advantages

-       System On delay (10 second)

o   Monitor Input voltage for Healthy Condition then Power on system.

-       If GEB/Torrent Power loss automatically disconnect invertor.

1.4 Input Supply

-       R-Y-B Phase

-       N - Neutral

1.5 Output

-       230V AC for Contactor Coil.