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Saturday, 16 August 2014

New Solar Micro Parallel Inverters MPI which Reduce System Costs & Improve Efficiency

New technology Lobel provides is "solar micro parallel inverters" with a thermal survival feature that improves reliability, availability and energy harvest. 
This feature is a unique patented power output throttling circuit that protects the MPI against heat-related failures. Other benefits enter due to its abilities to be activated remotely or programed to maximize energy harvest and prevent over generation when limits are imposed. This improved energy harvest increases the payoff associated with using oversized panels. Instead of clipping generation at a set wattage the throttling adjusts generation based on circuit temperature providing the maximum energy harvest for the system’s panels.   
With less cabling, a more simplistic just plug and play installation approach, and better activation and monitoring abilities, the micro parallel inverter stands to bridge the gap between micro and string inverters, while reducing the associated installation costs by 75 percent. 

Extra Benefits :

Incorporates the Latest Communication Technology

MPI Installation Is Simplified

Efficiency and Maximum Harvest

Self-Mapping and Automated Control

Rugged and Durable