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Monday, 15 May 2017

MNRE & GEDA Subsidy for Solar roof top domestic PV power project

What exactly is the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat?  

 Considering the fact that rooftops are empty spaces without much utility. Hence, the focus of the subsidy towards rooftops is a befitting move.   
With the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat. The state government aims to encourage large-scale conversion of blank rooftops to power producers.
Of course, the energy production on rooftops or on the terrace has its advantages.
Unlike the power generation on ground mounted solar panels. The energy generated on roof space has no need of upfront land. So, anyone with the ownership of their existing property can make use of their rooftop.
GEDA is the Gujarat Energy Development Agency.  It is instrumental for renewable energy development and energy conservation measures in the state. It also disburses the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat.
However, the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat has its individual terms and conditions.

Finance Subsidy
 For every individual household connected to the grid. The policy allows a disbursement of flat INR 10,000 per kW. Though that is after the installation and commissioning of the Rooftop solar system.
This monetary subsidy has a ceiling of INR 20,000 as well. Thus, for installations more than 2kW. The subsidy does not go beyond the upper limit of INR 20,000.

First come first serve

Subsidies from GEDA for rooftop Solar PV are on a first come first serve basis. The target for which is up to first 100,000 consumers.
This policy might not be in service on the fulfillment of initial target of 1 lakh consumers. Then, as per the government decision. The scheme may be further continued or scraped off.  

New rooftop solar installations
The GEDA rooftop solar policy is for the installations done after the Solar policy of 2015.
Only new installations attract subsidies under the current Gujarat solar rooftop policy. Also, the consumers cannot shift the solar plant to any other premises.