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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Install a Solar Power System

1. Incentives:

Recently Congress lifted the cap on tax incentives for solar power systems, and
extended the 30% subsidy & 80 % tax Depreciation. So if you spend Rs 5 lac on a
system, your tax bill will be reduced by Rs 1.2 lac (.3 x .8 x Rs 5 lac). And if you
don't have Rs 1.2 lac in taxes (you lucky duck!) you can carry it over to the next

Now states and utilities are getting into the act as well. Everything from rebates to
tax incentives is being offered, and some of these can offset the cost of your system
by as much as 80%! Check out the Lobel Solar Power System website for
information on incentives in your area.

2. Maintenance cost:

Solar panel systems require zero or very little maintenance. Sometimes clearing and
Cleaning is necessary, and having an annual checkup by a professional is
recommended. But most owners can expect to do very little for their panels over
their lifetime.

3. Fuel Cost and Availability:

Obviously sunlight is free. Fossil fuel prices are rising dramatically, and will probably
rise even more sharply with carbon taxes and caps on the horizon. And the sun will
probably be around showering us with its wonderful energy for another 5 billion
years or so. With solar, knowing that your fuel source is infinite and free is pretty
cool. And lets face it: money is green too.

4. Reliability:

Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore are not likely to break down. The
process that makes them work (which is explained later) can be done day after day
without major changes in efficiency. And they can improve the availability of your
entire electrical system if you live in areas prone to utility blackouts.

5. Durability:

Most panels these days come with a 20-25 year warranty. Can you think of anything
that comes with even a 15 year warranty? Some of the panels that were created as
part of the space race 50 years ago are alive and kicking to this day. Arrays have
endured all kinds of weather and climatic changes and have proven to be extremely

6. Quiet:

Solar panels make little to no noise as they produce energy, something you AND
your neighbors can be happy about.

7. Safety:

Photovoltaic cells are very safe and produce at such a low amperage that
electrocution is extremely rare. They also are rare in that they produce power
without fuel combustion, a very volatile and dangerous process whether it's in your
backyard or at the power plant.

8. Energy Independence:

Knowing that you can produce your own energy, much like having your own
vegetable garden, is very satisfying. And knowing that you are sending less money,
or maybe none at all, to a large conglomerate or supporting a violent nation is good
for you, our country, and the world.

9. Low Pollution:

Both the process of producing solar panels and producing solar energy is a low
pollution process. Solar panels make up for the energy used to produce them in 2-4
years, and then produce energy for decades. Plus almost the entire array is
recyclable, so when their life is over they can be broken down and used for
something else.

10. That 'Green' Feeling:

Perhaps the most powerful reason (other than the feeling of saving money) is
knowing that you are DOING SOMETHING. You're helping clean up the planet,
promoting independence, and most of all getting us further away from the
destruction and pollution inherent in the use of fossil fuels. What else do you need?

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