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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Solar Comparison With Other Sources

  • Thermal :
    • International prices of coal are going up and it’s a non renewable polluting resource
  • Hydro electric :
    • Hydroelectric power projects in India's mountainous north and northeast regions have been slowed down by ecological, environmental and rehabilitation issues, coupled with public interest litigations
  • Nuclear :
    • Polluting Source of Power Generation. Problem of disposal of toxic by product. Globally activists are opposing it due to recent Fukushima disaster in Japan
  • Gas :
    • There is shortage of gas supply. Also gas pricing issues are there.
  • Wind Energy :
    • Benefit of Accelerated Depreciation has been withdrawn by the government
  • Thus, Solar Energy generation emerges as a clear winner
    • Since it is clean non polluting and abundant supply.
    • With rationalization in prices and increased yield and government incentives like REC etc., this is the best time to invest in Solar Energy Generation.


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