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Monday, 29 June 2015

Lobel Solar Low Voltage DC Pond Aerator for Aquaculture

Paddlewheel aerators also utilize air-to-water contact to transfer oxygen from the air in the atmosphere to the water body. They are most often used in the aquaculture (rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food) field. Constructed of a hub with attached paddles, these aerators are usually powered by a tractor power take-off; they tend to be mounted on floats. Solar power Electricity forces the paddles to turn, churning the water and allowing oxygen transfer through air-water contact. As each new section of water is churned, it absorbs oxygen from the air and then upon its return to the water, restores it to the water. In this regard paddlewheel lobel aeration works very similarly to floating surface aerators.

LOBEL low voltage DC solar pond/lake aerator (Model: LOBEL-WOB-250W; power consumption: 175W) implemented with 250 Wp of Polycrystalline highly efficient solar Modules can start the motor just depending on the daytime’s light without any battery.


1. Safe and reliable

The safe voltage of 24VDC or 12VDC is free from the risk of electric shock. It is not necessary to place the high voltage wires and the protection switches in the pond. It can absolutely avoid the electric shock caused by the damage and the electricity leakage of AC wires soaking in water for a long time.

2. Energy-saving

Patented design can easily drive the impeller. Compared with the traditional 1500W pond aerator, it has greater water splash, line and depth and can save about 60%- 80% energy. The money saved from 6-8 months electricity bills can buy one more Lobel DC pond aerator. Using the solar energy power supply, the investment payback period is within 1 year.

3. Multiple Power Input

It can be used in the area without electricity supply or constant power supply. It can be applied with CIGS thin-film / Polycrystalline solar module or battery. Due to the patented energy saving design, both power systems can fulfill the DC motor of Lobel pond aerator. Connecting with the city electricity supply (high voltage 240V input and low voltage 24V output to the pond) also can save 60%-80% electricity compared with the traditional aerator.

4. Design

The patented structure is energy saving and in small size. (DC motor size is 3 times less than the traditional high voltage AC pond aerator) It has the advantage of light weighted, cost effective and two times longer life expectancy than that of the traditional pond aerator. The internal structure is simple, built-in brushless DC motor with low failure rate, the life term can last 8 years for 24 hours daily use.

5. Easy installation

It can be applied to connect with Lobel CIGS thin-film / Polycrystalline solar modules or comply with the optional 12VDC/ 24VDC input power supply or low voltage DC power supply which is transferred from high voltage. Because of the safe and low voltage DC, electrical protection such as the earth leakage protector, phase failure protector and the magnetic contactor can be omitted.

6. Interchangeable Main Device

Main device is interchangeable and is easy to install. It comes along with the traditional aerator whose installation process takes no more than 10 minutes. It is convenient and energy saving to connect with Lobel CIGS thin-film / Polycrystalline solar module or comply with the optional 12VDC/ 24VDC input power supply or low voltage DC power supply which is transferred from high voltage.

7. Higher performance in application and operation

Lobel highly efficient CIGS thin-film / Polycrystalline solar module has higher performance in application and operation than the solar modules produced by other companies at the same efficiency level. Unlike other companies’ thin-film solar modules, only Lobel CIGS solar modules are capable of driving electric motors with the same level of power consumption.


  •        No land acquisition costs,
  •        No costs related to construction or road and utility infrastructure,
  •        No electrical connection costs; self-sufficient system,
  •        No operating costs,
  •        No Diesel Engine,
  • ·       Energy Price constant up to 20 years,
  • ·       Daily Power Saving,
  • ·       Power consumption Slab benefit,
  • ·       Green, clean & Environment friendly energy
  • ·       Independent Energy
  • ·       Truly a green set up
  • ·       Caring the environment and mother earth


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