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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Solar Panel Cleaning Technology for higher efficiency

Application for Manufacturers, Installers, EPC Companies, Operations and Maintenance Team, End Users.

Applying Solar Glass cleaning chemical is Very Easy Process.

Pre Cleaning Process :

  • IPA ( Iso Propyl Alcohol).
  • Synthetic cloth for Wiping.

Wait for  40 Minutes after Applying Solar Glass chemical  Final  Cleaning 
Micro Fiber cloth for Wiping Excess Solution

Application of Solution - Glass chemical Solar in Spray Bottle.


This is Well Designed and Super-Hydrophobic Solution for Solar Industry.We  have improvised our Product for Solar Panel Glass Application, Considering Various Environmental issues in India, Like Bird Shits,Sand Abrasion, etc. and Addition of Some Polymers for Longer effect.Packing Qty : 1 Ltrs / 5 Ltrs.

Product feature: 

• Strong Hydrophobic (water pearls off washing away contaminants) • Strong non-stick properties (prevents the build up of dirt, dust algae etc) • Easy to clean effect / self-cleaning effect as water rolls of the surface • Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100 - 150 nm) • UV-stable, very resistant to abrasion, stable at varying temperatures • Simple application; cures at atmospheric temperature • Biologically safe and Ecologically beneficial • Effective in salty environments  (Coastal Region/ Near Sea Shore / Places with High Salt Content in Water)

Consumption & Durability :

• Spray application: 11-12 ml/m² 
• Expected Durability Period 2-3 Years.• After One  or Two Year Refresher Coating is required.

Note : 

Durability period also depends on Environment around Solar Panels.  Still Works well in Worst Conditions for at least One Year.

Advantages :

Cleaning Cycles  -  Drops to Half  and Cleaning Time Reduced by  75 %. (This is Comparison with Cycle  Expected Saving in Cleaning Cost to  50 % 

Permanence and longevity - The UV-stability enables  functionality for an extended period of time. The coating is not damaged slowly by sunlight and is abrasion resistant. 

Easy-to-clean effect - Hydrophobic qualities create an anti-soiling effect, reducing solar panel contamination, maintenance cycles and water consumption saving energy, time and cost while also eliminating the need for chemical detergents and cleaners making for a more Eco Friendly Environment.

Improves Solar Panel efficiency - creates maximum light transmittance, allowing panels to work at quoted performance levels and improve efficiency and return on investment.(Our Trials at Few Sites Shown 5 to 7 % Rise in Generation compared to previous generation of same plant.) 


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